Meet our founder- Registered Nurse Hollie

Registered Nurse Skin Specialist

How did you begin your journey within the aesthetic & wellbeing industry?

Since I was a teenager, my mum and I would visit spas on special occasions and I always used to say that one day I would love to own my own spa, so my interest for the industry began at a young age.

When I was 19, I decided to complete a foundation degree in Complementary Health Therapies. During this course I realised that I had a passion for caring for people and helping to improve people’s health both physically and mentally. I then made the decision to study to become a nurse.

Whilst preparing to begin my nurse training, I completed an evening beauty therapy course. Beauty was always an interest of mine. I wanted to have as much training and experience as possible to help me move forward within my career. My aim was always to open my own clinic in the future and I felt that having a beauty therapy qualification was going to help me.

In 2015, I began my nursing journey and I absolutely loved it. During my studies I worked hard on my days off within my mum’s family business to save as much money as possible, as I planned to move to Australia soon after graduating. One month after graduating I moved to Western Australia. This is where I began my aesthetic journey.

After gaining my Australian nursing registration I was very fortunate to beginning working within a beautiful medical skin clinic in Busselton and my knowledge and passion within the aesthetic industry grew. After my time in Australia, I moved to Auckland in New Zealand, and I worked within a highly regarded Skin and Vein Clinic. I worked as a Cosmetic Specialist Nurse, performing injectable treatments and various other medical skincare treatments as well as assisting as a theatre nurse.

After my time in New Zealand, I returned to Cornwall. My aim was to work within Dermatology as I wanted to gain a deeper understanding around medical skin conditions and skin cancers. I began working within the NHS as a Registered Nurse within the Dermatology department. During my time within Dermatology, I also worked on a general surgical day case unit in a private hospital.

After returning from New Zealand and whilst working within the NHS, I was always looking for the perfect premises to open my clinic. After hard work, dedication, and patience I was very fortunate to begin this amazing journey in the beautiful area of Rock, Cornwall.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I am in the clinic Monday- Friday, normally starting at 7:30- 8am. I always ensure I am first in the clinic, making sure everything is organised and set for the day. My day normally ends between 5-6pm but sometimes staying until 8pm if any of my clients need to see me after their working hours.

I spend most of my evenings with my partner, Josh and our dog Barney. We are always doing something whether it be a dog walk, sea swim, golf or relaxing together at home. At least twice a week Josh and I work together sorting out the administration side of the business, there’s always something to be done when you’re a small business owner!

If I’m not treating clients in the clinic then I try and fit in a beach or field walk in the morning with Barney. My day then usually consists of clinic visits, emails, administration duties and spending time with my family.

What inspired you to become a business owner? 

From experiencing working in very high end, luxury, highly knowledgeable and safe medical clinics, I wanted to bring those standards back to Cornwall and offer something which I felt Cornwall was missing. I have really high standards within this industry and I am very particular about what I expect from a service. I wanted to create a space which provides the highest standard of care and attention, where absolutely everything has been considered and not a single detail is overlooked.

I also loved the thought of running a team. I am very focused on creating a lovely working environment, a great work/ life balance is key to success in my opinion. I always loved the thought of having a team, giving people the opportunity to share my dream and love where they work and what they do as their career.

What about the future of Balance excites you? 

The aesthetic and wellbeing industry is constantly changing and growing. I have some exciting plans coming up over the next 12 months and I am excited to see how the business grows and develops.


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